[jitsi-users] limited room creation to admins but now everyone is asked for user/passwd

Hi Neil.
Are you post you sample config, where admin created room, and anonymous without password can join to this room?

It’s just the “secure domain” config.

I read this, but, mayby make any errors.
At now all work corectly - for create room need auth, for connect to created room - no auth

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Okay, but a quick one.
After creating the admin and password, members that should join still get the prompt to input Username and Password to join meeting.

But i only have ONE admin user which i used to create the room. Can i do in this situation…?

Also, Running Jicofo from distribution package from the link you shared https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo#running-jicofo-from-distribution-package i don’t understand how to implement it and what it does.