[jitsi-users] kde kontact & phonon integration


hi everybody,
I'm about to evaluate sip-communicator and have a few questions:

my system is a debian squeeze with KDE 4.5.x on macbook 1.3
I installed SC from the deb.repo: 1.0-alpha6-nightly.build.3330

1) is there a audiosystem integration with pulseaudio/phonon
I couldn't get sounds to work, neither portAudio nor javaSounds

2) SC seems to not integrate with kontacts (akonadi-server) on KDE
any hints?

I'm sorry if the questions have been answerd before, but the search system for
the mailinglists is nearly unusable, since one can not search the complete
archive. only month by month.

and there are no confirmation mails for subscribing to the lists, so pls. cc
me, since I don't know whether my subscription worked or not.