[jitsi-users] JVB performance in Chrome



For the past two weeks I've had trouble when connecting to JVB using Chrome. I'm using jitsi.vuc.me and Chrome 51 on Windows 10. I see that very same thing in Chrome on my Mac Mini.

The basic behavior that I see is Chrome stalling when connecting to a JVB room. It stalls, often long enough to make Chrome as about killing the tab or waiting.

In a test this afternoon I started by rebooting my router. I then tried using Chrome in incognito mode. That does NOT exhibit the problem. That suggests an conflict with an extension.

Are there any known problems with specific extensions? I've tried to remove a handful but have not yet pinned down the problem.

In any case it would seem that the conflict is new. It wasn't a problem before our JVB instance was updated.

Michael Graves
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