[jitsi-users] Jittery audio linux/gnu/kde/portaudio


On my primary machine (running kubuntu 13.04, fairly standard setup)
receving audio is "jittery" with jitsi.
I have no such problems with pidgin on the same accounts(or anything else
involving sound) - the android client also works great.
Can anyone give me any directions to get this sorted out? what info do you
I'm running a dell l702x with an intel sound chip, have had this problem on
this machine for a long time now (since jitsi 1.x and a few revisions of
-Alex "Chozabu <http://chozabu.net/blog>" P-B


Have you tried PulseAudio?


I had not. I've now installed pulseaudio, It seemed to need vlc as a phonon
backend, and to use jack for the mike.
I also upgraded to latest jitsi (sorry, not sure when I last updated, but
not long ago)
Still using portaudio - but with the pulse backend in jitsi, it seems to
work well!
Only tested on lan with an android client, which also works well, except
for slightly verbose notifications.
My resulting audio setup is a little rickity, but I can pipe any audio
through an effects rack and whatnot, so that's fun!


-Alex "Chozabu <http://chozabu.net/blog>" P-B


On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 7:05 PM, Lyubomir Marinov < lyubomir.marinov@jitsi.org> wrote:

Have you tried PulseAudio?