[jitsi-users] Jitsi-xorg-client doesn't clear the urgent-hint on getting focus

Hi all,

I encountered an issue with jitsi using it on linux with openjdk7:

when I chat with someone and a new message comes in, the urgent-flag on
jitsi is set so that I see when a new message comes in if Jitsi is not
in focus or not visible at all.

However, if I focus Jitsi then, read the message and move away from it,
the urgent-hint does not get cleared. If I focus jitsi then another
time, *then* the urgent-hint get's cleared.

I assume this isn't intended behavior, right? :wink: Anyone who encounters a
similar behavior?

Best Regards,

Additionally, as I just recognized, the urgent-flag even gets set when I
sent a message and switch workspaces/focus then. Maybe it's not jitsi
not clearing the urgent-flag properly but setting another unnecessary
urgent-flag upon loosing focus.

As I tried it out, it really seems that the urgent-flag on the
jitsi-Client vanishes when it get's focus and comes back when it looses it.

However, this only happens when I move to Jitsi actually having an
urgent-flag. It doesn't happen if Jitsi has no urgent-flag when moving
to it.

I'm unsure which of both possibilities is the more probable one.

Anyone with ideas on that?

Best regards,