[jitsi-users] Jitsi Videobridge Performance Evaluation

Hey all,

Many of you have been asking what kind of performance to expect with Jitsi Videobridge. Boris has just completed a very comprehensive round of testing and the results are now available here:


Comments welcome!




Hi Emil,

If "in-browser-crypto can not be trusted", then we can't trust encrypted communication between
you and the bridge either, since its done by web browsers like Chrome - correct? If that's the case, and WebRTC is not secure despite been encrypted, than what secure method would you suggest for several parties?

1) with end-to-end encryption I meant primarily implementation of zRTP for
Audio/Video in JitMeet (and not mpOTR) - would this be possible?

WebRTC does not support ZRTP so unfortunately not. Even with WebRTC, it
would have been very tricky to reliably exclude the bridge out of the
conference and make content unavailable to it.

To put things in perspective: your communication is encrypted between
you and the bridge. The bridge has access to it so you need to trust the
person that runs it. If you do - good. If you don't, then your best
option is to run your own bridge.



2) how is chatting secured to all participants?

Not at all. Each participant is connected via TLS, but that is not
end-to-end encryption.
Not that it matters, in-browser-crypto can not to be trusted.