[jitsi-users] Jitsi version 2.8.5426 Mac OS - noise cancellation and echo cancellation

Hi All,

I use Jitsi in a Various Mac MacBook Pro iMac (all new generation) but all my friend don’t use the Headset but we use the computer speaker and microphone.
In all the case the noise is very HIGH and the echo is very important, previously we use OS X Message app and we don’t have this type of problem.
The audio quality when i use the Port Audio setting is not perfect but better the Core Audio.
In the audio configuration i use the core audio setting and not the Port Audio because when i make a video call the delay between the video and audio is very important (about 10 secs).
You have in plan the solution for this issue? I have try the Nightly release but is more problematic the the curent release
I’m able to make all the test u need.

All the Best