[jitsi-users] Jitsi: Transfering a from on SIP to another SIP/Jabber account


Jitsi: 2.9.5488 + stable


i have 2 SIP accounts ( A+ B ) and some xmmp accounts ( 1-4 ) connected
to my jitsi.

If i get a call via SIP A in and try to forward it a number i call via
SIP B , i get a busy signal,
but it does not try to dial it.

Problem with this is, i do not get a call window, which i can terminate
to stop this call :slight_smile:
So the busy signal is played on and on and on :slight_smile: ... until i activate
the camera ( on a sip call => impossible )

This magically tells jitsi to stop it and i'm back to having a call

Sounds odd? It's is, so pls fix the busy tone part and the missing
call-window :smiley:

It's not intuitive to stop a hidden call by pressing a video cam icon :)))

I think, it's best if a dev tries do the same by himself, to reproduce
the behavior.

That i can't easily redirect a SIP call from SIP A to a XMMP accounts is
ok, but would be nice to have,
even if i have to hold the line in the background. The same could be
done for SIP A -> X @ SIP B

Yes, (pseudo) transfering, not a conference call is meant. I'm afraid
it's not the job of jitsi to do so :frowning:


I can't transfer ( for real) an incoming call vom XMMP 1 to XMMP 2, i
get the response "unattendend transfer to .. target@id" ,
but it does not ring on the other account.



from my SIP A i can talk to.