[jitsi-users] Jitsi Sip prensence, Subscribe and Notify signals


I'm having an amazing experience because Jitsi is a great client in any way.

I'm using Jitsi in the following scenario:

Xmpp Server Openfire 3.7
Sip Server Asterisk 11
Jitsi 2.5.5205 as Xmpp and Sip client

Just a question about the Sip presence:

How can I make Jitsi to send Subscribe and Notify signals to Asterisk like
as doing Xlite client in order to notify its status presence ?

I have seen that Jitsi is Sip compliant and support that signals. I have
alreay selected the 'Active Sip presence (SIMPLE)' flag in the Sip
preferences panel with no luck. In the meantime I'm testing the flag 'force
presence peer-to-peer' but I still not understand the way it works.

Please let me know if there is a chance to make the Jitsi Sip prensence to
work as the Subscribe and Notify signals expected.

Thank you.

- - -