[jitsi-users] Jitsi showing contacts twice


Sorry, sent this to Yana and not the list by mistake!

Hi Yana

I just tested by disabling all my accounts in Jitsi and it still
showed one instance of each of these contacts.

If I then enable a single, gmail hosted, account, it shows two
instances of each of these contacts, although now only one of the
instances of the gmail contact that is actually online shows the
online indicator in front of it.

I tried enabling each of my other accounts individually but none of
them caused these two contacts to appear twice or for the gmail
contact to show as online, so they only appear to be associated with
the single gmail hosted account and the duplicates appear to be ghosts
unassociated with any account.

Since disabling and re-enabling the single account, now the ghosts of
those contacts no longer show the second line in the popup that
appears when I hover over a contact, showing the Google Talk icon and
confirming the address, which they did before. Most of the options on
the right-click menu are greyed out or missing for the ghost contacts
as well now and I can't double-click on them to start chat.

I'm reluctant to just delete these ghosts as in my experience both
instances will be deleted so I'll hold off doing so for now but may
have to if there's no other way to clear it up. Obviously this will
mean I'll have to re-add the contacts and I guess get them to
reauthorise me but they're only my own test accounts at the moment so
it's not a real issue thankfully.



On 10 June 2013 10:10, Yana Stamcheva <yana@jitsi.org> wrote:

Hi Derek,

Just to be sure that these are really problematic contacts, could you please confirm that this isn't a contact which exists in two different rosters (for two different accounts)? I have such contacts and we don't automatically merge them in jitsi, but when you open a chat and you click at the protocol icon (on the left of the write area) you'll normally see a different account in the send via.

Other than that do you experience a strange behavior when clicking on those contacts or when trying to call them?


On Jun 10, 2013, at 2:18 AM, Derek Moss <dmts@stoptheviolence.co.uk> wrote:

I've had this issue before but not recently, until tonight when it re-occured.

I added one of my Jitsi accounts (my own domain but hosted on gmail)
as a contact in Gibberbot earlier and now the Gibberbot contact
(gmail.com) is showing twice in Jitsi (both showing the contact as
online) but it may just be a co-incidence as another of my contacts in
Jitsi, not added to Gibberbot, is also showing twice and both as
offline. I can't say when exactly this started either, so it may have
been some time after I added the contact in Gibberbot.

I've tried closing Jitsi and restarting it but it still shows those
two contacts twice each.

I'm using 2.3.4656.9728 on Win7 x64.

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