[jitsi-users] jitsi server security issue?



since on the dev list nobody answered to this topic and there is here now already the topic about the SSL cert of the download server, I want to repeat my posting from the dev-list from 4 days ago. Sorry for crossposting.


krmrx at web.de krmrx at web.de
Tue Sep 9 11:25:14 CEST 2014


not sure about, that these topics were already talked about, but I have some questions:

1) Why does the server jit.si still allow RC4?
2) Why does the server not support Forward secrecy in all cases?
3) Is it planned to add/change those features of the server in the near future?
4) How could I delete a XMPP account at jit.si? At


I can only register and at


I can only change the password.

Please see the following links to compare:


Thanks for reading