[jitsi-users] Jitsi prevents key bindings from working in other applications (thread renewal)

Hello there Jitsi developers!

I'm once again warming the topic of global key bindings. (previously
discussed here:

I wasn't aware of that problem and thought for months, that my firefox
browser had a strange bug, because I couldn't use the shortcut
ctrl+shift+t anymore. Yesterday I also noticed that I wasn't able to
use ctrl+shift+a and ctrl+shift+l in Inkscape anymore. Now I found the
problem here in jitsi and I think it is a huge usability problem. Is
there any progress on the William Linna

I'm not a poweruser of jitsi, so I don't use the key bindings anyway,
but I think it is really bad, that one program messes up the usability
of an other one.

Kind regards