[jitsi-users] Jitsi-meet with jigasi integration issue.

We have jitsi-meet working with prosody and everything works great! for
Internal office users.

Now new requirement is we want outside user can join conference on PSTN
using cell phone. for that we have installed following component

1. Freeswitch
2. Jigasi

I have configured Freeswitch and add following SIP header for testing to
send conf. room number.

<action application="set" data="sip_h_Jitsi-Conference-Room=room46"/>

In Jigasi i have configured following:

Created SIP extension in Freeswitch and setup same in Jigasi to connect,
Jigasi registred successfully in Freeswitch.

I have following configuration in Prosody and according document i have
added them in Jigasi

Component "callcontrol.prosody-dev1.example.com"
component_secret = "secrets"

My question is, we have prosody working with LDAP authentication, now if i
dial from PSTN to join jitsi-meet conference then how anonymous user can
join room? are they going to use "callcontrol" ?

When do i check in jitsi logs user joined conference or any kind of logs
because my outside user not able to join conference.