[jitsi-users] Jitsi Meet webcam and screensharing area aspect ratio

I installed jitsi meet on a computer and works fine (in a small Debian VM on KVM) for the 2-3 clients i need.

But i see that the sent image is cropped. This means that both the webcam image and in some cases the screensharing images are cropped.
If i resize the browser window manually i can make it to eventually see the whole webcam image (didnt try with screensharing).

Is there a config options somewhere to force the actual aspect ratio of both webcam source image and screensharing to make sure the whole area is shown?

Laszlo Kertesz

PS. Good job with the Firefox integration, it works fine and screensharing is very easy to enable for 3rd party sites without the need of any extensions. Is there a similar way to do with Chrome/ium and its cronies?