[jitsi-users] Jitsi Mac, issues

Hi Guys

Have been using Jitsi for a few weeks now. Figured I’d mention some of the oddness I’ve seen on the Mac side. Thanks to all who contribute as it’s so nice to get away from Skype and get some decent security for a change.

I’m using Jitsi on OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks on Macbook Pro Retina (fall 2013 model).

I’ve noticed a few things in the Jitsi preferences and UI that could be fixed/improved upon which are as follows:

1) Default wider preferences window so we can see the entire fingerprints of our contacts. Currently I need to manually drag the preferences window wider, then shrink the Verified column in order to see the entire fingerprint.

2) The default preferences window size also cuts off my own fingerprint for my account, sometimes more so than others.

3) If you make the preferences window wider, and then click on a blank part of the toolbar on top of the window, it is the same as clicking the Advanced icon (and shows it being depressed), and then it resizes the preferences window to it’s default smaller size—not ideal. In all other OS X apps, this area of the window allows you to drag it around, so this needs to be fixed as it’s very awkward to Mac users. The only way to currently drag the preferences window is to grab the very top part of it. Even three finger dragging on the trackpad only works on the very top part of the window.

4) The Chat section of the preferences—the Sources list—it’s a few pixels too small vertically and shows a scroll bar that only moves a few pixels. Best to make it slightly larger as the scrolling isn’t needed with the current list.

5) General section of the preferences—vertical scrolling is abnormally slow when using a trackpad.

6) All UI elements should be updated to support retina displays. They currently display blurry and pixelated on retina macbook.

7) Smileys could be designed much better, as could the audio alerts. We are planning to develop our own set of smileys and alert sounds within the next few months, and if we do we will be sure to share, and you can implement into the app if you like them.

Anyway, not trying to nitpick. These are just things I noticed that seemed a bit odd or inconvenient. Overall, very pleased with the app and have been getting everyone I know off of Skype and using Jitsi with Jabber.

Keep up the good work!


Mr. D