[jitsi-users] Jitsi loses clearJainSipProvider after short period of time

I'm very new at these and not a versed in java so please forgive inadequate debugging skill here. I'm running jitsi on Windows 7 and using registrarless sip in because of restrictions to accessing outside resources. I'm operating in a secure environment where we need video conferencing on ephemeral local wifi networks.
I was have good luck with jitsi for several days but began having problems and encountering errors that result in getJainSipProvider throwing IllegalArgumentException("invalid transport"). What is weird is that if after starting jitsi I immediately create a "tools -> "create a conference call", there is valid data in clearJainSipProvider. At some point the data in clearJainSipProvider becomes invalid and attempting to start a conference call anytime after that results in the "invalid transport" exception.

I've download and built the app and the attached log file is a session where I just started jitsi and let it sit for bit and then attempted the conference call.

There are other errors but I see from the boards that msoffice errors are inconsequential and I'm not versed enough to figure out why at some point, there is a change. I've not had any luck finding others who have encountered this issue and apologize in advance if there is previous dialog about this and I didn't find it.
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2015-06-07@18.28.59-logs.zip (25 KB)