[jitsi-users] Jitsi: exporting Skype SIP contacts to jitsi [solution]



if your running "Skype out" and want to import your phonebook to Jitsi,
this is for you:


You need : PHP with SQLite3 support
Stop Jitsi

Example for Linux:

php skypetojitsi.php path_to_main.db SIPID SIPSERVERIP Groupname

typically for a fritz!box :

If "620@" is your id from your sipaccount, 620 is the SIP
ID, and the ip is your serverip

php skypetojitsi.php ~/.Skype/skypeusername/ 620 Phonebook


use an editor like gedit to open ~/.jitsi/contactlist.xml

Add the content of the php output to your "child-contacts" example

           <group name="Phonebook" uid="1450110895594310563919">
                    <proto-group account-id="SIP:620@" parent-proto-group-uid="RootGroup.uid" uid="Phonebook.uid"/>
                       ----> *INSERT XML HERE* <----

Done. start Jitsi.

best regards,

skype2jitsi.php (1.5 KB)