[jitsi-users] jitsi desktop: screensharing does not work


Hello everybody,

I’m using jitsi desktop 2.10.5550 on a win7 system and my wife the same jitsi on a win10 system.

Chat, voice and video calls work very nicely. 1h without any bigger interuption is more than I expected to have (from china to europe).

So thanks Jitsi!

However, when we tried to share the screen, it did not work.

The area where the video call was, turned black (I assume the desktop of my wife should be there instead).

When we tried to switch back to video mode, the screen area stayed black and we had to restart the jitsi session to get the video signal back.

We tried to share full screen as well as only part of screen. I tried to share my screen as well, with similar results.

Any ideas what might be the reason, or where I could some information about it?

Is there a debug mode I could start?

Also I do not know what is difference between a video signal and the desktop signal and if the server has to support any special protocol?

We are using jabber.at

thanks for your help!

Best regards