[jitsi-users] Jitsi credentials disappearing


Hi all,

for some users that i manage Jitsi seems to "forget" the users password, or
sometimes even the whole account that was setup, yet others have had no
issues at all since they were setup over a year ago (all are using SIP
I found an earlier post from 3 years ago suggesting that its to do with the
config file being corrupted by Jitsi being closed down whilst writing to
the file, but i cannot for the life of me figure out why its only for
certain users as I've checked how Jitsi is being used and shutdown, how the
laptop is shutting down, and there is nothing i can see that is any
different to other users (they all use very similar OS builds so have
checked its not due to other programs interfering etc, and even had 3
laptops do the exact same process of startup, shutdown etc where only one
kept forgetting the account/password)

I have now considered myself "given up" and hoping some smart person on
here can explain a very simple solution as to how to resolve this very
annoying issue.

Kind regards,




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