[jitsi-users] Jitsi crashes during screen-session on Ubuntu



Since I'll want to use jitsi for minor remote servicing I tested it
quite a few times on 3 different Ubuntu/Debian machines and the audio
session is fine. But very shortly after the "remote" side (was all in my
local net) started to share the screen and keyboard/mouse, it was over.

For like 3 seconds, I can control the "remote" side before it crashes. I
could *not* use jitsi anymore on the remote side. In fact I couldn't use
the whole computer anymore, because jitsi had the focus but didn't
respond to any clicks.

I appended both side's logs of such a happening and hope you can tell me
more. Maybe you'll a way to avoid jitsi to crash so bad at all? I had to
restart afterwards.



me_sip-communicator0.log.0 (38.3 KB)

remote_sip-communicator0.log.1 (37.9 KB)


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