[jitsi-users] Jitsi Conference: Ways to invite participant in conference


                Is there any other way than phone number to invite a participant in a conference in Jitsi.


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Jitsi does not normally use phone numbers for conferences at all; it uses URLs
based at whatever Jitsi server you are hosting the conference on (eg:
http://meet.jit.si or your own).

If you are using Jigasi (Jitsi to SIP gateway), then it becomes *possible* for
people to join a conference by dialling a telephone number (although the
number needs to be set up on the remote SIP server and is not directly a
function of Jitsi), however that is optional and not enabled by default.

Maybe you could explain a bit more about how you are currently inviting
participants to conferences which ends up involving a phone number, so we
understand the problem better.

Have you tried running a conference at http://meet.jit.si ?




On Tuesday 03 April 2018 at 13:10:20, Tushar Shinde wrote:

                Is there any other way than phone number to invite a
participant in a conference in Jitsi.

The Magic Words are Squeamish Ossifrage.

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