[jitsi-users] Jitsi closing rather than hiding


Jitsi = 2.10.5550
Xubuntu = 16.04

Trying to replace Pidgin on Xubuntu 16.04 (xfce desktop) and in general it looks and works fine. Importantly it picks up and detects/uses video/audio device without problem (unlike Pidgin).

However I have one big annoying problem - I want to be able to hide a Jitsi window but clicking "X" closed Jitsi. I can try using a tray ICON and use the hide option of the tray but sometimes the tray disappears. Even with the tray, clicking "X" closes Jitsi. I don't like having Jisi minimized but still in the list of active programs (task bar/panel window buttons - whatever you want to call it).

Simply want the "X" button to always hide. The menu "quit" option to close.

Any ideas?