[jitsi-users] Jitsi - Aver


I'm using 2 Aver EVC100, this devices are specially for Video Calls not Video Conference. My PBX is an Elastix and I would like to make a Video Conference using Jitsi. The jitsi and the Avers are using SIP extensions and the video codec H264 is active on my PBX, when I make a call I can see that they are using de codec.

The problem is that on Aver side I don't receive any video signal from Jitsi, but on Jitsi side I can see everything without any trouble. I would like to know if you can give a recomendation to solve this problem.

I have 3 other questions:

- From which SIP port is sending request to my PBX in order to register? I see on my PBX that jitsi is using dynamic ports, is there a way to only use the default ports 5060:5062?

- Which RTP ports does jitsi use?

- How many members can I have on a video conference with jitsi?

I'm asking you this because I need to use jitsi and Aver behind a firewall so I need to open specific ports.

I hope you could help me. Thanks for your time.


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