[jitsi-users] jitsi and opensips error

Jitsi 2.8&2.9 problem with opensips 2.2.2

picture in word

PC in home , ip from router with dhcp , PC can visit Internet

Server in office , it has a internet ip address ,server only install opensips(without rtpproxy and mediaproxy).


I use jitsi in PC1 , it can log in server,

But I use jitsi in PC2 and PC3 , it can’t log in server.

Three PC has use the difference user name.

If I close jitsi in PC1 for some minutes , jitsi in PC2 maybe can log in.


I use jitsi in PC1 ,It can log in server , then I use command to show status,why the contact has a inside ip?

Contact:: sip:150@;transport=udp;registering_acc=xxx_xxx_xx_xxx Q=

When linphone log in,the contact is a outside ip

“Contact:: sip:131@;transport=udp Q= “

I install opensips in PC1 , jitsi in PC2 and PC3 is ok!

Jitsi.docx (54.7 KB)