[jitsi-users] Jitsi alternative for Android


Hi all,

sorry for the slightly OT, but I think someone here
could have good hints.

Since Jitsi for Android does not seem to be a development
priority, I was looking for some alternatives.

I found "linphone" might be a good candidate, since it
supports, apparently, ZRTP, which I'm mainly interested in.

For the desktop side, I'll keep, of course, Jitsi.

Unfortunately, I'm trying to configure "linphone" to login
with "ippi.fr", unsuccessfully.

Does anybody know how is the "libphone" configuration for
I could not find anything, and, apparently, each SIP provider
requires different setup.

Alternatively, does anybody have a differnt suggestion about
a softphone for Android with ZRTP?
I checked "lumicall", but this did not work at all...

Thanks a lot and sorry again if this is a bit OT,