[jitsi-users] Jitsi 2.8.5426: Some suggestions

Hi to all! After long researches for a better and more secure alternative to
Skype I have found Jitsi. Compliments to all of you who are making this
project possible!

I've been testing it for two days with three different computers (Windows 7,
8 and 8.1) and I'd like to suggest some improvements for future versions.

1. 720p video. I use a Logitech C525 720p webcam but I can't get it
work in 720p under Jitsi, although this resolution is theoretically
available in the Jitsi configuration menu. All I can get is a 4:3 video,
presumably 640x320 or 800x600. I have successfully managed to make 720p
calls with Linphone though, so the problem must be in Jitsi. I've read on
the internet that 16:9 video has been added only recently to Jitsi so I
presume that this feature is still under development.

2. Stereo calls. This is a feature I'd really love to see added to
Jitsi. I use to make/take music lessons through the internet and I have a
good quality stereo microphone. Unfortunately, Jitsi (like Skype and
Linphone) recognizes only the left channel of my stereo audio input. Just
think of it, a stereo call with OPUS codec at 48Khz/256Kbps would be of an
incredible quality!!

I sincerely hope that these requests are realistic, they would make Jitsi an
even more multi-purpose and awesome communication interface!

Thanks in advance,