[jitsi-users] Jitsi 2.0 some questions


first of all thanks for the latest release, I think
you're doing a nice job, exceeding expectations.

I've some questions about this new version.

I'm using Fedora 18 and when I start jitsi 2.0 it
seems to manipulate the audio setup.
First of all, the mix boost is enabled a set to
the max, resulting in a saturated audio from mic.
Second, it seems to change the audio volume,
master I guess, to the max.
Any idea on how to avoid the mic boost and keep
the audio under control?
I notice the GUI has the possibility to change
the headphone level, but it seems anyway to
start always from max. I'll double check this.

Another question relates to ZRTP. The previous
version was automatically accepting the encryption
if the other part was already known.
Now the encryption flag is yellow and the user has
to confirm the autenticity.
Is this intended or it is required some setting in
order to have the older behaviour?

Thanks a lot in advance,