[jitsi-users] jitmeet test installation

Hi everyone,
after a bit of tests on the ofmeet plugin installed on our openfire server
and some other test on jitsi server i'm on the way to follow the
installation instructions to build a jitmeet server with prosody.
Apparently I did follow properly all the given indications but i'm not able
to have the system up & running.
I find out that the modules to load regarding smacks on prosody were not
properly reported (there are not smacs3 and 2 but only smacks, maybe I'm
wrong but i cannot find any specific indication).
Prosody starts properly and loads all the listed modules including bosh,
furthermore jitsi-videobridge connects to the server with any problem as
far as i can see in the prosdy logs.
I did configured nginx as requested but once I point to the given url I
only obtain a black screen with a jitsi logo, no video or audio are
requested to chrome and, on prosody side, I see:

Apr 15 18:00:45 mod_bosh info New BOSH session, assigned it sid
Apr 15 18:00:46 bosh16ad1eda-bfff-47f3-a854-67068aac56f0 info
BOSH client disconnected

I'm in a test environment with local address so I would exclude it's a
stun-turn misconfiguration also because it shouldn't be used.
Do I have to do something else either than what reported in the
installation doc to test the system? Does anyone have an idea on how can I
debug a bit more deep on the issue I'm encountering?

thanks a lot in advance