[jitsi-users] Jitis has bugs in Trisquel 7

Dear all,

I am new (a few weeks) to GNU/Linux and free software as a whole. I installed Trisquel 7 in my laptop and installed Jitsi from the repos. I understand that Jitsi was added to official Trisquel repos only with the Trisquel version 7.

After installing Jitsi crashes and closes. Jitis crashes regardless of the activities on the app. i.e., whether or not I am using it after I run the app. The log from running it on Terminal is here: http://pastebin.com/GfCfsgsd

Also when I right click on a contact and select "remove contact" the contacts stays in the list without being removed. I log out and log in, I restart Jitsi and still the contact is not removed.

I uninstalled Jitsi. I downloaded and reinstalled again from the repos using apt-get. And still all the problems persist.

I asked the Trisquel forums, freenode channel, and Jitsi freenode channel last week and I am yet tor receive any response from them. Kindly help me.