[jitsi-users] jit.si service is not interoperable with other servers


Hope this is the right place for this issue.

My friend signed up for an account at jit.si.

I have two accounts which I regularly with users from other servers

my accounts are on yax.im and autistici.org

I usually talk to friends on jabbim.com

my friend used xabber on android as well as pidgin on gnu/linux

my clients were loqui im on firefox os and pidgin on gnu/linux

we could not see each others presence. I could send him a message after adding him. He can see the message but I don't get any reply.

I tried to authorize again on pidgin and he gets the request. But we still can't see each other online. He sees the authorization request and accepted it but no difference. When he sends an authorization request I don't see any request on pidgin.

He signed up on jabbim.com and connectivity is perfect. We can see each other online and chat as expected.

Hope someone can fix this as jit.si is one of the few services which allows registering via web browser. It is important because apps on some platform does not support in band registration. Xabber on android or im+ on windows phone doesn't support in band registration.