[jitsi-users] Jabber to gtalk chat

I use Google Talk account on Jitsi, works well. I think it's a different
problem, regarding communication between Google Talk XMPP server and Jabber

I believe that Google stopped communication with other XMPP servers, so you
can no longer use Google Talk account to chat with XMPP users on other
servers. (like Jabber).

- Sandeep


After introducing "Hangout" Google dropped support for xmpp/jabber, at
least usage with audio/video from Jitsi using Gtalk is problematic,
probably chatting is more and more affected also (I have stopped using
GTalk with Jitsi longer time ago, switched to jit.si and jabber.ccc.de
and convinced my former Gtalk buddies to do the same...so I cannot report
here for current issues with Gtalk using Jitsi..)

On July 15, 2014 1:53:41 AM EET, pakito <pakito@paranoici.org> wrote:
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>I've a Jabber account that, since a while, doesn't work anymore with
>gtalk (the person uses normally to chat gmail web interface from his
>browser) account, I reiceive always a failure error.
>Is also otherweise curious that he can send me chat messages to my
>jabber account...
>Does someone knows something on how to solve the problem?