[jitsi-users] Issues with auto-joined and auto-activated group chats


using Jitsi nightly in IceWM, I am facing issues with group chat windows
that are set to "open on activity". While the feature works as
described, it unfortunately brings the group chat tab to the foreground
as well, which does not come in handy when typing in another chat. Also,
this somehow raises an alarm in Jitsi so the window manager brings it
into focus even when typing in a terminal window or the like.

Another issue, but more of a wishlist item:

When a group chat is set to auto-join, it should not be joined on
reconnect if left manually before that. Right now, if I choose to
manually leave a chat room and then the network connection drops, Jitsi
joins the room again after reconnect. I think Jitsi should do the

- Upon start, set all rooms to joined (and join them once connected)
- Track the presence in chat rooms
- On reconnect, join exactly the rooms that were joined before the
   connection broke



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