[jitsi-users] Issue with outbound audio device selection automatically switching between devices

I am using Jitsi with the awesome Opus codec to do high school sports
broadcasts for a small non-comm radio station. It has worked very well for
us. The only issue I've had is on the station end, where I am running it
on a computer that has two sound cards. Jitsi's inbound (mic) and outbound
(speaker) audio needs to be set up to run through the non-default card.
But for some reason, at least twice now, I have found the outbound audio
has somehow switched to the other card. The mic remains fine. When this
occurs, when you switch to the selection area in the options tab and click
the dropdown, the correct device is in the list, but it cannot be
selected. I have to close and restart Jitsi and then can switch it back.

The machine is Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with SP1.

I am not sure exactly when this occurs. Both times it has occurred, it was
found by our volunteers who were having trouble getting a game on the air
and I was not at the station at the time. I am going to go into the
station this weekend to try to reproduce it and will provide more
information if I can.

I have searched the archives and active bug reports, but don't see anything
similar. So wondering if any one else has seen this behavior and if there
is other information I can gather for devs when I am there.

Thank you