[jitsi-users] [Issue]No local media in calls -- Used the Arch Linux PKGBUILD 2.2


I'm a big fan of this project, but I've never really used it, since I
don't use voip much outside of mumble.

Today I tried testing it, using the jit.si xmpp service and two
machines controlled by me.

One machine used Ubuntu 12.04, using the provided Ubuntu Packages. It
apparently works properly, apparently able to make calls of all forms
and clearly capturing audio and activating the webcamera (though it is
unclear if it was being transmitted, and in the case of the webcam,
the was no local video displayed)

The second machine(my main machine) is running Arch Linux, using both
the jitsi and jitsi-nightly packages in the AUR. It does not apparently
capture any audio or video within calls, though it appears to be able
to do so when testing them through the Options dialog.
It appears that there is also no data being receive, I believe that the
problem lies in machine #2's client.

How might I go about further debugging/ correcting this issue?


Salutations from your friendly neighborhood nerd