[jitsi-users] Introduction and bugs question

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Hullo Jitsi developers,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gus; I am the head of the
Secure User Practices project at the Open Internet Tools Project. My job
is to help the open source security tools community improve their tools'
usability. Think of me as sort of a floating community manager/usability
researcher working to help a number of projects :slight_smile: I've been poking my
head into #jitsi as gusgus.

I have a handful of bugs to report for Mac/Linux connections on Jitsi.
For all of them I have pretty good documentation of the steps it would
take to re-create the problem.

I see from your site it says you prefer bugs to be sent to the mailing
list first. Can you tell me: Should I submit them in separate emails, or
one big email? A number of them are related -- they were sort of a
cascade of problems that result from adding a contact.

Looking forward to working with you on these -- in one case they kept me
from establishing a connection to someone I was calling using SIP.


p.s. If you're curious, more on what I'm doing at OpenITP is here:

- --
Gillian "Gus" Andrews
Senior Program Associate, Secure User Practices
Open Internet Tools Project