[jitsi-users] Incoming Call on Jitsi

Dear All,
We are verifying how compliant Your presentation request for incoming
calls to Jitsi. We aren't using Asterisk, but We have some possibility
to modify a presentation header.
Assuming We have an https://domain/room where room is 1991 (only
numeric), Your requirements is:

"Received SIP INVITE with room header 'Jitsi-Conference-Room':
'room1234' will cause Jigasi to join the conference
'https://meet.jit.si/room1234' (assuming that our domain is 'meet.jit.si')."

After our configuration We receive in pcap on jitsi:

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP
Call-ID: 5f3c0a18e10c5601768800505689000e@8x.1xx.1xx.xxx
CSeq: 11509412 ACK
Contact: <sip:348xxxxxxx@8x.1xx.1xx.xxx:5060;user=phone;transport=UDP>
Max-Forwards: 70
Content-Length: 0

But don't work, incoming call continuing to ring. What We have
misconfigured? What is the correct header which Jitsi expected,? Do You
may send us an example of a correct sip invite?

Thank You so much


From: <sip:348xxxxxx@8x.1xx.1xx.xxx;user=phone>;tag=3767609898
To: <sip:Jitsi-Conference-Room%3A1991@8x.1xx.1xx.xxx>;tag=5bbbbe

Antonio Sirianni
Solei Communications
Via Teodosio, 7
20133 Milano

Tel. +39 02 29522204
Mobile +39 348 9014081