[jitsi-users] Importing and Exporting OTR Keys



the short question:
Is it possible to Import/Export OTR Keys?
I think the answer is no, so as a quick solution I would be interested
where these things are stored (Win7 /Linux), so I can manually
copy/edit the files (hoping these are text files).

There are 2 reasons for this wish.
1. I have a multi-boot system and I want to have the same keys so my
friends don't always get warnings when my key changes.

1.5. I sometimes use different messengers, or portable programs.
Basically same problem as above. I would like to have the same key for
all of them.

2. I'm not sure how smart that is, but I also would like to have the
same key for different protocols. (Main thought behind this is,
sometimes I use e.g. Jabber transports, sometimes I use the protocol