[jitsi-users] image preview thoughts



some people miss integrated images inline in their chat logs when they
compare xmpp to whatsapp for example (mobile, ok, but it doesn't matter
You almost actually do that with your preview system. Wouldn't it be an
awesome idea to push that forward?
- make previews bigger by default
- download it by clicking on it
- when recieving an image for the 1st time, ask user if she wants to
opt-in to auto-download every picture.
- after downloading open picture directly with default application by
clicking on it. keep the link to a default folder/filename. preserve
everything in the logs.

all only when the tranferred file happens to be an image mimetype.

i think of mobile, but then either steal your preview system and try to
hack it into xabber for android or make jitsi for android (I don't know
the status of it).

what do you think?