[jitsi-users] ICE and Jitsi Videobridge

hello everybody,
First of all, sorry for my english !
I would like to try to make video calls via jitsi and jitsivideobridge but i seems to not be able to go through my firewall.
I can, without problems call computers within my network but not from the internet.
So, I used the openfire plugin stun in order to pass through :


but I can't do it.
I have one rule who redirect all the calls on my router from internet with the following ports : 5222, 7443, 5000-6000, 3478 to my server. And an other who say that the computers in my network can pass the router on the ports : 3478, 5000-6000
I have tries all (I think) the ICE options in the client.
I have only one public ip.
And, the jitsi meet don't pass neither.

I have made a very little network diagram in attachment !

Thank you very much for your help !
Best regards.