[jitsi-users] I can no longer hear anything when placing calls in Linux


Hi All,

Jitsi was working (okay) in Linux, but now I can't call anyone. Whenever I
make a call, I hear nothing after it's answered. Does anyone know what's
causing this?

I've attached the call logs and a screenshot of the technical information.
It appears that no packets are being sent or received. This was a
SIP-to-SIP call, but the same happens with SIP-to-PSTN.

I thought it might be due to a recent system upgrade, but rebuilding Jitsi
from source didn't fix the problem. It has to be (somewhat) related to
Linux as it doesn't occur in Windows.

No-Sound.zip (90.4 KB)


Regards, Xavion.


According to the attached output, it appears that the problem relates to
the ALSA library. I'm having trouble figuring out what's causing these
errors, especially as I haven't edited the ALSA configuration files.

Does anyone know how to prevent them, and are they definitely what's
causing Jitsi to fail when placing calls? For the record, I'm using
v1.0.27.1 of the ALSA library and v3.99.1 of PulseAudio and its library.

Output.txt (2.54 KB)