[jitsi-users] How to workaround Jitsi's (actually Jingle's) need to use SRV dns records


This is a tough problem (at least for me - half newbie):

I am running a linux system which does not support SRV dns “zone file” records. (It supports only the simple kind of dns records: “A”, etc.).

It turns out that, for the Jitsi client to connect to another user, it needs to consult SRV records, for address resolution. (Because it uses “Jingle”, I think)

I can manually find the IP address of the other client’s XMPP server.

Is there a way to workaround - e.g. manually “force feed” Jitsi with the other party’s address?
(Probably by creating a local “zone file”, building the right SRV record into it, then having Jitsi consult the local zone file first? (when resolving?))

Many Thanks in advance - Hsu