[jitsi-users] How to use Jitsi VideoBridge


Hi everyone,

I'm kinda new to the webrtc domain, so I wanted to use Jitsi VideoBridge on
my laptop (running under Windows 10) but I couldn't run the command "mvn
compile exec:java -Dexec.args..." I got an error "Unknown lifecycle phase "
and I also tried to use it using Openfire but I didn't understand what
should I do after building the war and putting it in the plugin's folder. I
can see jitsi video-bridge in openfire's console but I don't know what to
do. The point is I wanted to make a server app and a mobile app and I
wanted to make my own server video bridge. Can you help me please ?

Thank you and have a nice day,

Best regards,



Amrane Ait Zeouay

Engineer Student in The Development of Software and Systems

University of Western Brittany

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