[jitsi-users] How to set-up jitsi to connect to a renavisio visioconference room ?


Thanks for your reply.
As said, I am precisely NOT talking of https://rendez-vous.renater.fr

I am JUST talking of the program Jitsi and the https://renavisio.renater.fr videoconference rooms.

How can one set up the program Jitsi to get access, through the SIP protocole, to a room independently set up with https://renaviso.renater.fr ?

Thanks in advance,


Boris Grozev boris at jitsi.org wrote on Wed Jan 27 17:15:41 CET 2016 Previous message: [jitsi-users] How to set-up jitsi to connect to a renavisio visioconference room ?
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On 27/01/16 10:00, 8139david at vivaldi.net wrote:
> Renavisio is offered by Renater for French universities:
> https://renavisio.renater.fr/doc/
> With it one can create visioconference rooms such as the following (see
> below).
> Given these technical details, how should one set-up jitsi (the program)
> so as to connect to such a room?
> Renater doesn't offer any help beyond suggesting that it could be done.
> Thanks in advance,
> David
> PS: I've seen that one can use https://rendez-vous.renater.fr/
> I want to use the program jitsi from my machine, not my navigator Firefox.

Rendez-vous.renater.fr uses Jitsi-Meet, and the Jitsi client doesn't
support joining Jitsi-Meet conferences. There is a feature request for
this here[0], but it would involve a significant effort and is not on
any roadmap yet.


[0] https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/issues/96