[jitsi-users] How to make a video call


Thanks Mr. Smith! This was exactly what I needed. I got up and running on the video. Sound was not working, but I am going to keep working on that. How long does it take to get encrypted? The red unlock was showing for a long time. One time when I connected, it went green at some point, but I am not sure what caused it to do that. Lastly, I believe my wife has OSX 10.5.5 on her Macbook. The current Jitsi is for 10.6 and above, it appears. Do you possibly know if any of the listed version will work on 10.5.5?
Thanks again!

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1) you need to register a XMPP or SIP account (all for free), there are
many XMPP providers out there:


2) make connection to your chosen provider with Jitsi Desktop client
3) your buddy should do the same, invite each other to your contact list
4) check audio/video settings in Jitsi if everything is recognized by Jitsi
5) make video call to your buddy, if "ICE failed" error happens, try to
call in both directions, otherwise change the provider

basically everything runs out of the box, also audio/video encrypt

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This is my second attempt to send this. The first was from SeaMonkey
Mail. Now, I am trying from Yahoo. Hopefully, it will be more readable.

Hi - I am new to video calling. Just got a webcam and was able to connect
on Utox. Now I want to try Jitsi, but I can't figure out how to make a
video call. I have Jitsi 2.11.5576. I searched for documentation, but
couldn't find anything. I would greatly appreciate any help.