[jitsi-users] how to install Jitsi client in Windows user profile


Before the devs become too busy adapting to their new associate (congratulations by the way) I'd like to ask a few questions regarding the Jitsi client on Windows (7 in this case).

1) has anyone already made an installer for Windows so that any user without admin rights can install it in his/her profile with a wrapper program or script such as Jitsi.exe?

2) I'm attachng a custom build.xml file that allows me to build Jitsi so it can be installed within %appdata%/PortableJitsi. There's a build for PortableApps.com but I'm currently using the 7zip build. I'd greatly appreciate it if you can find the time to take a quick look at the xml file or even install it in resources/install and compile Jitsi from source with:

ant -Dlabel=1 build-installation-7zip-selfextract-win32

You can check out the target "build-installation-archive-base" in the xml file.

There are lots of other things I haven't included such as customized source code to handle the registry but you should be able to generate an installer and the main Jitsi.exe.

Once you install the 7zip auto executable you should find Jitsi.exe in %appdata%/PortableJitsi.

If you run it (on Windows 7) you should (but this doesn't always happen!) get the following:

APPCRASH ntdll.dll (or jvm.dll)

I reported this issue a while back in January but didn't get any feedback: http://lists.jitsi.org/pipermail/dev/2015-January/023173.html
Actually, at that time I was getting this error when building the stock wix installer (ant build-installation-wix) but with the latest source code snapshot I can build the Jitsi exe and it runs fine (with MinGW not with TDM-GCC).

What could be happening?
Can you at least reproduce this error with my build.xml?

Just a note: my custom Jitsi installation works fine except for the Jitsi.exe crash. Run.c hasn't been modified. In fact, I can launch the Jitsi main class and my custom Jitsi app just fine if I use the command line and pass parameters to java.exe... I even tried to copy/replace my Jitsi.exe with the one distributed by an official Jitsi build for Windows. However, it still crashes! So who's guilty? Run.c or the rest of the java code? Why is launching Jitsi from command line with java.exe OK but launching Jitsi from within run.c with jvm.dll not OK?
Also, if you build with

ant -Dlabel=1 build-installation-7zip-selfextract-win32
and you get the same issue, the culprit should be run.c because the rest of the Jitsi source code is untouched.

By the way, I noticed that sometimes I had NO issues with Jitsi.exe when installing for the first time. However, if I ran the generated 7zip auto installer twice (second installation) then I've always reproduced the issue. Still, in most cases Jitis.exe crashed even on first installs.

Any clues at all? (tried different Win 7 machines, 32bits and 64bits)

3) Can anyone please take a look at this post?

In this case the stock WIX installer compiled with TDM-GCC produces a Jitsi.exe APPCRASH on jvm.dll.
If I use MinGW from http://www.mingw.org/, the stock wix installer does not produce a faulty Jitsi.exe.
However, I'm using MinGW with my custom build.xml and it's still producing a faulty Jitsi.exe but it crashed on ntdll.dll.

4) It would be really useful if the Jitsi devs could post all the software tools they use when compiling the Jitsi client Windows version (wix installer).
The information provided below is great but does not specify which C compiler and other build tools are used:


Some users posted on the mailing list the software they used to compile on Windows and that's what I'm actually using right now but before going crazy on this APPCRASH issue, I'd prefer to make sure that I'm using the same tools and compilers as the dev team.

Hope you can help.

By the way, I think that having clear Windows-specific instructions on the web site can help get more code contributions from the community, especially now that BlueJimp's attention won't be focused too much on the Jitsi UI and installers.



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