[jitsi-users] how keeping videobridge batch file running XP


Hi Ingo,

autoexnt is called and installed as a service. The batch starts fine, the command window (Dos window) is open and videobridge is working. Even when called by the service (system account) after logging off the Dos window is closed and as a result of that, videobridge has closed down as well.

Will search for AnyService and sc. Ripping the batch and calling java.exe direktly, I will propably need some help with that. Let's see.



On Sat, 24 Aug 2013 07:36:19 +0200, "Ingo Bauersachs" <ingo@jitsi.org> wrote:

got videobridge running with openfire on XP. As this machine is a


server with no user logged on, I am able to get the jvb.bat file up and
running when the server starts.
Problem: If for some reason I have to connect to the server and logoff,


batch file is closed down and videobridge is gone.

I have tried:
installing autoexnt > no luck to keep it running
Task sheduler with a dedicated user at computer start-up: starting fine,
logoff as a different user, no luck either.

How are you guys using windows handling this ?
Any hints welcome.

Have you tried Microsoft's sc utility to create a service form the batch?
Another tool available is/was something called AnyService or similar (also
from Microsoft). If either doesn't work with the .bat, you might rip it
apart and call java.exe with the appropriate parameters directly.



Johannes Prost