[jitsi-users] Help with setting up a big -and growing- jitsi-meet server



I need to setup -and do heavy customisation- on Jitsi Meet.

I currently have weekly calls with +350 users (getting to 400 very shortly,
and more and more) where 1 presenter has audio and video 90% of the time,
and 10% of the time we have 2 or 3 presenters. We do heavy use of chat and
signaling too (to send custom commands to our UI, like block chat, send
pictures, videos, play/pause/seek video, etc).

Some times we do calls of 2hs, and some times of 8hs (big seminars once a
month) with up to 500 users (and some times with 1500, but not much of

I've been playing with jitsi-meet in a simple ubuntu default install and I
like it. But I ran into issues when trying to put the html/js components in
one server and the videobridge in another one.

I need somebody to help me do a basic setup which will allow me to scale (1
videobridge and other components server, one server for the html
jitsi-meet), so I can later add more videobridge servers behind a load
balancer to allow more people receiving the audio and video.

Then I'll need to heavily customize jitsi-meet, but I think I'll be able to
handle that; so, mostly, I need help setting up the servers.

I don't want to spam this list with my question and answers, so I welcome
whoever wants to help me (obviously not for free :slight_smile: ) to contact me via

Thanks a lot!