[jitsi-users] Help, Adjusting video for Maximum quality?

just wondering if you could give some advise.

Recently tried Jitsi with a Logitech B910 webcam.

Within the settings i see a area to set bitrate, but it seems the ffmpeg
Quant needs adjusting because the quality is Very poor and nothing
i want maximum quality!, where do i adjust this particular "Quant" setting?

Need to lower the {I-frame}quant to=9max, {P-frame}quant=9, {B-frame}

iAlso, is there a way to stream raw (mjpeg)?

Im testing in "registerless-mode" on a Lan.

im using Ubuntu 14.04.

the B910 also supports (mjpeg) 1280x960 at 20fps
Where do tweak that setting?