[jitsi-users] Guidance for a jitsi beginner


Hi. I'm new to Jitsi and am researching how I can integrate it into our
existing environment to handle conferences.

What we have:
We currently have asterisk setup to handle all of our voice calls and I
wrote a simple windows program a while back that schedules a meetme
conference room via database and creates a corresponding calendar invite.

What I'm hoping to achieve from Jitsi:
I'd like to integrate Jitsi in such a way that we use some form of web
interface or maybe a plugin to schedule the room in Jitsi Meet and/or
VideoBridge. So that people can call in from landline or extension (via our
existing asterisk setup) and bridge with the audio of anyone in the web
conference. I am also interested in being able to schedule a room in
advance as opposed to the room being created on demand in the Meet web

If anyone can point me in the right direction for these requirements or let
me know if my approach doesn't match with the Jitsi architecture.