[jitsi-users] GUI problems on jitsi 2.3.4948 on Windows 7

Hi folks,
I just made the update to 2.3.4948 and see the improvement on the chat window(Adds gui improvements to impl.gui.main.chat.ShowPreviewDialog
The photo is now squared and better but …..

1. But it is deformed again…. Is it possible to show the photo like in the contact list (in the original format, but smaller).

2. Another problem same place, when I try to send a file, the message is malformed on the windows
Sorry for this, but I am putting in production jitsi (and try to convince people not to buy micro solution…).
Attached, the screenshot of the chat window.
Thanks again to jitsi team and the community.

Cordialement / Best Regards / تَحِيّاتي مَع / 最好的致意